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RSPCA West Dorset Branch is a separate charity affiliated to the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA).  We cover the towns of Dorchester, Bridport, Weymouth, Portland, Lyme Regis, Charmouth, Sherborne and Axminster (Devon) as well as all the surrounding villages and hamlets.  Our main priorities are the welfare and rehoming of local animals.  We raise our funds within the Branch boundaries and all money raised is spent within the area.  We are responsible for "Taylors Animal Rehoming Centre" at Kingston Maurward, Dorchester.


If you wish to report an Animal Emergency or have concerns regarding the welfare of an animal please telephone 0300 1234 999.  Please also call this number if you need to have an unowned or wild animal collected by an RSPCA Animal Collection Officer. 


We are not responsible for the contents of external websites or the availability of linked pages.  Inclusion of a link to an external website does not imply any endorsement by or affiliation with the RSPCA of that site, its content, any product or service its operators may provide.

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Animals we have rehomed

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Over the year many hundreds of animals have found new homes thanks to RSPCA West Dorset Branch, here are just some of our recent success stories. 

If you have adopted an animal from us, we'd love to find out how they are getting along!  Please do email us a photo and tell us about your new pet - let us know if you could like us to add it to this page.  (We will only publish your initials and home town.)


"Just thought you might like to see a pic of Bramble who we got from you a year ago last April. I expect you remember her - she was the black kitten/cat without a tail which she had amputated when she had a bad fall and broke her leg and tail and then her owner died.
She then had to be rushed back to your vet for surgery two days after we had her as she had a ruptured diaphragm due to the previous fall.
As you can see, she is a little sweetie and she, and our other cat who is about four months older love each other to bits." 

LM Weymouth



Belle and her four brothers and sisters were found dumped at just a few days old. They were fostered and hand reared by our Animal Centre manager before being successfully rehomed.

Corn Snakes


RSPCA West Dorset found a new home for us, proving that they don't just do cats!!

Water Dragons


We quickly found  new home too.  If you are looking to rehome an exotic pet, please do get in touch so that our rehoming coordinator can bear you in mind should something come up.  You will of course need to be experienced and fully understand what you are taking on!



Came to us as her owners had moved away and left her to fend for herself.  She was living in some bushes for a few months before someone called us to collect her.  She wanted to come to see you, but kept herself at arms length, making catching her difficult.  She was eventually lured into a cat trap with a big plate of pilchards!  Once in the cat pens, she became the friendliest of cats, getting used to being cuddled and fed, and her confidence with people restored.  She has now been rehomed, and lives with another of our cats Gizzi, getting all the cuddles she deserves.



A most gorgeous cat, was again left behind by her owners.  Twinkle was also cat trapped, and on reaching the pens was found to be in full milk, indicating there were kittens somewhere.  There was a frantic search, and one of the neighbours, found three four-week old kittens in the bushes.  The family were reunited, and all have been rehomed successfully.



Humphrey was found hanging by his back leg on a fence in Bridport.  He was taken to the local vets, but the wounds were only superficial. He was a very shy cat when he first came in, hissing at every one, but with a lot of time and lots of love and cuddles he came out of himself, and became very friendly and loving.  No owner came forward, so he was castrated, and put up for adoption.  He now shares a home with Twinkle.

Chloe & Blossom


 Chole and Blossom were two tiny, sickly kittens collected by our rehoming co-ordinator suffering from Cat Flu.  Their little eyes were infected, and their breathing was very difficult.  They were taken straight to the vets, where we were warned they may not survive.  After hours of nursing day and night, giving antibiotics, gently cleaning eyes, applying eye drops, and dropper feeding, they improved slowly.  After a few weeks the kittens were unrecognisable, and turned into the normal sort that climb on your curtains!  Both have been successfully rehomed.



Archie came to us after he had been abused.  He had been kicked, shut in a fridge, and then put in a cat box and shut in a car for four days with no food or water.  The police were called by a concerned neighbour, and we were called to take in the cat.  The person concerned then moved away (address unknown), so no prosecutions could be made.  Archie came into our pens with bruising to his back & tail, and traces of purple paint throughout his fur.  What makes this worse is that Archie was deaf! Despite his ordeal, the likes of which we can only imagine, he seemed to respond to our care and cuddles, and became a very loving and confident cat. He now has a home which he deserves.  He rules the roost and is a very loved and spoilt pussy cat!  Just how it should be!



Atom found a loving home with one of the RSPCA West Dorset Committee members!!



George came to us at 6 months old.  He is a seal point Birman.  He was instantly rehomed!



Felix lived in a lean to on the side of the house and was signed over as he used the lawn as his toilet. Now he is in a home where he is suitably spoilt and very much loved.

Freda & Heidi



 Freda & Heidi (now called Holly) - were two stray ferrets that came to us separately and were in a bad shape.  They both had mites, fleas and ticks and diarrhoea, and needed nursing back to health.  They both now have a very loving home together with a lady who absolutely loves them to pieces.  They live in a veritable ferret paradise!  


Daisy Dumpling

Daisy Dumpling Came to us at the age of  two .  Not the friendliest of rabbits, but has found a loving home with another RSPCA rabbit, Dave, who was found dumped in a field. They are both looked after by two children, who know that rabbits are lots of work!

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